Cold Sweat

2007 CD

1 Cold Sweat (C. Morris)
2 One Foot Cock (W. Devine & E. Ayoung)
3 Nani Wine (Remix) [featuring Third Bass] (E. Ayoung, A Lyons & A Hackshaw)
4 Casino Fever (E. Ayoung & C. Morris)
5 Sharing Licks (Cutarse) (L. Sharpe & A. Alexis)
6 Soca Bell [featuring Superblue and Wax] (C. Hart, E. Ayoung, A. Lyons & C. Morris)
7 Pan Music Sweet (W. Devine)
8 Pan From Space (A. Samaroo)
9 Madman [featuring Hunter] (Hunter & Crazy)
10 Girls Gone Wild (E.Ayoung)
11 Nani Wine (Chutney) [featuring Drupatee] (E. Ayoung & A Lyons)
12 Cold Sweat (Chutney Remix) (C. Morris)
13 One Foot Cock (Rude Boy Chutney Remix) (W. Devine & E. Ayoung)
14 Crazy Party Mix [Downtown Outlaws featuring Ishmael D Demolition Man] ()
15 Cricket Commentary (Remix Earl Thomas) (E. Ayoung)
Music Arranged By:  
Track 1, 2, 7 Leston Paul
Track 3 Shawn Noel
Track 4, 11, 12 Big Rich
Track 5 Neil Bernard & L. Sharpe
Track 8 K. Brown & J. Dasent
Track 10 Soca Rebels of Sweden
Track 10:
Girls Gone Wild arranged by:
Lars Hansson/Björn Hansson/Mats O Hansson/
of Soca Rebels, Gothenburg, Sweden
Background Vocals: Sarah Hansson & Lars Hansson
Guitars: Lars Hansson
Keyboards, Drums & Percussion Programming: Mats O Hansson
Bass: Björn Hansson

CRAZY (Edwin Ayoung) from Trinidad & Tobago is a master whether it's Calypso, Parang Soca, Chutney Soca, Groovy or Power Soca!