De Maddest

2006 Hometown Music HTM728.2 CD

1 Show Meh (C.Hart & E.Ayoung)
2 She’s Mine (E.Ayoung & C.Morris)
3 De Maddest (E. Ayoung & A Lyons)
4 O’Land Of Mine (Winsford Devine & E.Ayoung)
5 Fax Machine (E.Ayoung)
6 Women In Pan (B.Griffith, E.Ayoung & G.Ballantyne)
7 De Laundry Man (Wash It) (Wayne Modeste & Edwin Ayoung)
8 Doctor’s Advice (Kenroy Smith & E.Ayoung)
9 Accountable (C.Morris & E.Ayoung)
10 Anna (E.Ayoung & A Thomas)
11 Rebel Jam (E.Ayoung)
12 Don’t Try That (Bonus Track) (Edwin Ayoung)
13 Young Man (Bonus Track) (Edwin Ayoung)
14 Justice (Winsford Devine & E.Ayoung)
Executive Producers: Jamal Talib & Edwin Ayoung
Music Arranged By:  
Track 1, 2, 3 & 4 Junior Ibo Joseph
Track 5 Pamie Alexander
Track 6 Leston Paul
Track 7 Eman Ector
Track 8 Edwin Ayoung / Richard Carbajal / Lars Hansson
Track 9 & 11 Lars Hansson / Björn Hansson / Mats O Hansson
Track 10 Pamie Alexander & E.Ayoung
Track 12 & 13 Ancil “Perez” Ford
Track 14 Wayne Kirton & Palmie Alexander
Track 8:
Doctor’s Advice collaboration between:
Caribbean Cruisers of Arizona, USA and Soca Rebels, Sweden
Background Vocals: Sarah Hansson & Edwin Ayoung
Ac. Guitar, El.Guitar, Drum Programming: Richard Carbajal
El. Guitars, Keyboards: Lars Hansson
Keyboard, Steelpan (Tenor Pan): Mike Riggert-Harris
Bass: Ray Lucero
Track 9:
Accountable arranged by:
Lars Hansson/Björn Hansson/Mats O Hansson
of Soca Rebels, Gothenburg, Sweden
Guitar, Keyboard: Lars Hansson
Drums & Percussion Programming, Brass arrangement: Mats O Hansson
Bass: Björn Hansson
Background Vocals: Safia
Trumpet: Klas Nilsson
Trombone: Kristian Gustafsson
Track 11:
Rebel Jam arranged by:
Lars Hansson/Björn Hansson/Mats O Hansson
of Soca Rebels, Gothenburg, Sweden
Guitars: Lars Hansson
Keyboards, Drums & Percussion Programming: Mats O Hansson
El. Guitars, Keyboards: Lars Hansson
Bass: Björn Hansson
Toast (Rap): Black Snake (Milton Hebbert-Watson)
Background Vocals: Sarah Hansson & Lars Hansson
Male Backing Vocals: Lars Hansson, Björn Hansson & Mats Hansson
Trumpet: Erik Rosenkvist
Trombone: Kristian Gustafsson
Track 12 & 13 Bonus track from LP Album: 1979 Madness Is Gladness

CRAZY (Edwin Ayoung) from Trinidad & Tobago is a master whether it's Calypso, Parang Soca, Chutney Soca, Groovy or Power Soca!