The Recipe

2012 CD

1 He Madd (Jason Bishop, Edwin Ayoung)
2 Cat 1st Dog 2nd (Greg Ballantyne, Edwin Ayoung)
3 Play Yuh Self (Clive Telemaque)
4 Contract Contract (Clive Zanda, Roger Banfield,Edwin Ayoung)
5 Blackman Raise Yuh Standard (Greg Ballantyne, Edwin Ayoung)
6 Crazy’s Recipe (Greg Ballantyne, Edwin Ayoung)
7 Vintage Wine – sung by Lady Gypsy (Lynette Steele (Lady Gypsy), Edwin Ayoung)
8 Special Lady (Edwin Ayoung)
9 No Damn Respect – sung by Lady Gypsy (Lynette Steele (Lady Gypsy), Edwin Ayoung)
10 Pushers – sung by Tameika Darius (Tameika Darius, Winsford Devine, Edwin Ayoung)
11 Kamla The Great (Edwin Ayoung)
12 Ungrateful – sung by Tameika Darius (Winsford Devine, Edwin Ayoung)
13 Sacred – sung by Joanne Foster (Joanne Foster, Winsford Devine, Edwin Ayoung)
14 Miss Niceness (Elton Scanterberry, Edwin Ayoung)
Music Arranged By:  
Track 1 Greg Assing & Martin Raymond
Track 2 Junior “Ibo” Joseph, Skies & Crazy
Track 3 Pelham Goddard
Track 4 Eddie Quarless & Lenny Haddaway
Track 5,6,9 Lenny Haddaway
Track 7,8,14 Myron Bruce
Track 10,11 Junior “Ibo” Joseph
Track 12 Kareem B.
Track 13 Garvin Thompson

CRAZY (Edwin Ayoung) from Trinidad & Tobago is a master whether it's Calypso, Parang Soca, Chutney Soca, Groovy or Power Soca!