Trinidad Crazy

2004 Hometown Music HTM CD Crazy 001 CD

1 Jump Up Like Yuh Mad (Clown Dance) (A. Alexis)
2 Wey De Cat (C. Jackman)
3 De Bull (A. Roberts)
4 Progress (W. Devine)
5 What Is Ah Calypso (Live) (W. Devine)
6 Age Of The Anti Christ (Live) (W. Devine)
7 Tahiti Baby (E. Ayoung)
8 Sir Bertie (E. Ayoung / M. Warner)
9 Spin Dem (G. Pierre / D. Ector)
10 Sweeter Than Honey [Soca Rebels] (E. Ayoung)
11 Qualified Cashier (W. Modeste)
12 Nani Wine (E. Ayoung / A. Lyons)
13 In Man’s Search (E. Ayoung)
14 Cricket Commentary (E. Ayoung / G. Dore)
15 Suck Meh Soucouyant (E. Ayoung / D. Martin / N. Brown)
16 Guadeloupe Chick (E. Ayoung / G. Dore)
Producer & Musical Director: Edwin Ayoung
Music Arranged By:  
Track 1 Junior “IBO” Joseph
Track 2 C. Jackman
Track 3 & 4 Clyde Lightning George
Track 8 Mitch Warner
Track 9 D. Ector
Track 7 & 10 Lars Hansson/Mats O Hansson/Björn Hansson
Tracks 7 & 10:
Tahiti Baby, Sweeter Than Honey arranged by:
Lars Hansson/Mats O Hansson/Björn Hansson
of Soca Rebels, Gothenburg, Sweden
Guitars, Lead Vocal on 10: Lars Hansson
Keyboards: Mats O Hansson
Bass, Drums & Percussion Programming: Björn Hansson
Background Vocals: Sarah Hansson
Trumpet: Klas Nilsson
Trombone: Kristian Gustafsson
Track 12 from 1989 LP Album: Nani Wine
Track 13 from 1980 LP Album: My Method of Madness
Track 14 from 1978 LP Album: Super Album
Track 15 from 1985 LP Album: Here I Am
Track 16 from 1978 LP Album: Super Album
Cover Design: Mats O Hansson
Album Title: Pauline Tashika Baley of St. Thomas

CRAZY (Edwin Ayoung) from Trinidad & Tobago is a master whether it's Calypso, Parang Soca, Chutney Soca, Groovy or Power Soca!