Madness Is Gladness

1979 (For Carnival 1980) CM Crazy Music CM003 LP

1 Side 1 Madness Is Gladness (Edwin Ayoung/C Harewood)
2   Don’t Try That (Edwin Ayoung)
3   One For The Road (Edwin Ayoung)
4   Young Man (Edwin Ayoung)
5 Side 2 Our Values Are Wrong (Edwin Ayoung)
6   Muchacha (Edwin Ayoung)
Music Arranged by: Ancil “Perez” Ford
Produced by: Robin Imamshah (The Music Network Ltd.)
Accompaniment: Shandileer
Bass: Ancil “Perez” Ford
Rhythm Guitar: Robin Imamshah
Lead Guitar: Mike Logan
Percussion: Gary De Souza
Keyboards: Allan Oxley & Gerry Abraham
Drums: Mervyn Jackman
Background Vocals: Carl Jacobs, Carol Jacobs & Crazy
1st Trumpet: Fortunia Ruiz
2nd Trumpet: Enrique Moore
Reeds: Jude Bethel
Trombone: Lambert Philip

CRAZY (Edwin Ayoung) from Trinidad & Tobago is a master whether it's Calypso, Parang Soca, Chutney Soca, Groovy or Power Soca!